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Thoughts….so many thoughts

  Hello all, As we enter this new world I have been thinking a lot….you too? And in the middle of the night I realized that we are all participating, every single person on this planet, (even if you don’t think the virus is… Continue Reading “Thoughts….so many thoughts”

What’s on my bookshelf – Agatha Christie

  Recently I’ve had an idea for a new series of blog posts and today is the first one. Welcome to “What’s on my bookshelf?” I’m going to photograph and talk about individual bookshelves around my home. I’m already stretching that plan with this… Continue Reading “What’s on my bookshelf – Agatha Christie”

Hedgehog Hill garden 2018 April 1st

Recently I’ve been watching “The Good Life” not the recent American series, rather the BBC sitcom from the mid 70’s. It was based on a husband and wife  who decide to try for a life of self sufficiency in suburban Britain. Of course they… Continue Reading “Hedgehog Hill garden 2018 April 1st”

Word of the year – enough

So I missed posting last week. Migraine ugh. One of this things I am learning as I get older is that you have to let shit go when you have a chronic condition like migraines. I have also learned to use the time wisely.… Continue Reading “Word of the year – enough”

Hello again

Well it has been much longer than I had anticipated to get back to the keyboard and write a blog. Winter around here does tend to get a bit dismal. After all of the colour and excitement of Christmas and blogmas I went into… Continue Reading “Hello again”

Blogmas day 22 the solstice

  Hello my little pine trees Now if I had been thinking ahead about this I would have posted this topic yesterday. But it really didn’t occur to me until I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook that it would make a good… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 22 the solstice”

Blogmas Day 21 Christmas Stockings

Hello my little cranberries It is only 4 more sleeps until Christmas! Who is getting excited? One of the things I still have to do is wrap the stocking presents. Over the years I have been surprised at how different families do the stocking… Continue Reading “Blogmas Day 21 Christmas Stockings”

Blogmas day 19 – Christmas TV

Hello my little Gingerbread. Do you have specific Christmas TV memories from when you were young? Of course that is going to differ depending on your age, though most people would mention watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or The Grinch. But since I am… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 19 – Christmas TV”

Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food

Hello my little satsumas I was pondering what to write about today. I thought I should stay current with how my own preparations for Christmas are going. Today I did a huge grocery shop. It was so big partly because we have been stormed… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food”

Blogmas day 15 Christmas Q & A

Hello my little tinsel tree toppers Today I am going to do 10 Christmas Questions 1 What is your favourite Christmas food?   A – It is very hard to choose, because I love the whole turkey dinner but I really love the potato… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 15 Christmas Q & A”