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Teacup Tuesday

teacup 1

Isn’t that a lovely thought? A cup of tea and a stack of magazines… what could better on a sunny Winter afternoon?

This little beauty is a thrift shop find. Only cost me a couple of dollars. I was drawn to the sweet picture of people skating on the mill-pond.


I don’t think it is particularly old. It may be a reproduction of a popular older pattern. Wm Adams & Sons did a lot of transferware. I am in love with transferware.  Such a nice clean interior. The edge is a very odd green-grey. Not a colour you see a lot.


Let’s look at the couple skating up close.


Perfect for an afternoon cuppa’

desk shot

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Crochet Old and New

I am becoming a crochet fiend. Or obsessive, or something. I like that crochet is having a renaissance, and that the old patterns are being revived and appreciated. I have finished (almost) my Lucy bag. This is from Lucy at Attic 24. I have not figured out how to do links, but if you search Attic 24 you will be in crochet heaven.


The bag is crocheted in expanding circles until you have the bottom the size you like and then you stop increasing to build up the sides. Lucy makes hers with different colours every row which I love and will eventually make, but here I was using up scraps I have. I am also going to try one made with a cotton yarn in a variegated colourway and see what patterns emerge in the round.

Here it is flat with the corners tucked in. It is lovely and roomy, great for your latest take-along project.

crochet bag flat

I added a scalloped edge detail and a small flower. I should really make 3 more flowers….

crochet bag close

And then to the old. I was visiting Grandma Murfin today and she showed me a great collection of vintage crochet. Look at all the lovely dresses! Wouldn’t they be sweet strung on a ribbon and hung above a door or along a shelf ? Like a banner…


How sweet is this one?  Look at those colours!

crochet dress coloured

Also in the tin were a set of cream and sugar. I don’t think I have ever seen ones like this before.

crochet cream and sugar

They are even open at the top. What do you suppose they were meant to hold?

creamer and sugar

This is only the first few I have taken pictures of so far. Just what I need, another collection

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Thrifty Thursday!

Well Hello! I am back again. And the best news has to do with this tall devil.

The Great Tower. It allows us to receive signal from an internet tower miles away. We could not get signal from the house because there are so many trees in the way, but this guy is right next to a farmer’s field so clear sailing!

But on to several weeks of thrifty goodness, I may have to spread it out over a couple of weeks…

This bird feeder is a little dirty, but what a mansion! I’ll have to buy the gourmet birdseed for this one.

I fell in love with this little framed print. the quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap, than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door

Love this pillow too.

This shelf is a little rough. But I am giving it a make-over, so stay tuned.

This is just a simple wooden shelf that has found a new purpose and a whole new look.

Above the stove. Please ignore the not-yet-painted walls. The spices will not stay on the stove, heat is not good for spices, but they are awaiting the other shelf makeover.

Tomorrow we will have a tour of all the bloomin’ things!

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Spring flower report and Thrifty Thursday

This week I will combine a couple of posts just to save time. The weather has continued to be beyond remarkable, often above 20 c and lots and lots of sun! It changed from winter to summer with no stop at spring. But I think that may change, April can be a fickle month.

But oh the little flowers peeking up everywhere! These teeny little daffys arrived overnight. The hyacinths should not be far behind.

The rows of leaves are turning into cheery stripes of yellow.

These little fellows are blooming outside the walled garden.

The forsythia too!

I did get a few treasures in my fast trip through the local thrift shop. Everything on the table, including the cloth for $14.00. There are 2 books on cd, an enamel bowl with green rim, a cutlery tote, and big green metal tote, little blue and white bowl and the checkered cloth.

Oh the napkins I bought (thrifted) a while ago, and the red handled cutlery was from GT – $4.

Just in time for meals on the patio!

I love this little bowl. Reminds me of Emma Bridgewater crockery.

This metal tote could also carry supplies to the picnic, or tools to the garden.

So many lovely Thrifty finds and my first bouquet from my garden!

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Thrifty Thursd….errr Friday!

There is so much going on here at Hedgehog Hill that the days get away on me.

I have been finding lots of plant and garden stuff in my thrifty rambles.

I found them each at different places and none cost me more than $10

I think I need to get some bigger plants for this one. Still not sure if I am going to hang it inside or put it outside for the summer.

The weather here has been remarkably warm, into the high teens everyday. We have cleaned out the fountain and need to figure out how it works.

This picture was before we scooped out all the dead leaves, a smelly job.

This fella came with the fountain. Last fall there was often a real frog sitting on the ledge next to him. The frogs are from the Frog Pond of Camelot. I expect there will be more posts about them later. There were many, many frogs.

Move in day is getting closer. We are here more than not these days. Just one or two more critical issues to solve and we will be full-time residents, along with the birds, squirrels, frogs and jack rabbits. Happy Happy Happy

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Thrifty Thursday

Well this is an extra-ordinary Thrifty Thursday. I found a few nice goodies this week, some were more photogenic than others. Several are going to be works in progress. But the most amazing ‘find’ this week was running into a fellow blogger Diane from Cozy Canadian Cottage and The Elegant Chateau!

I think I may have scared her a little. How often does a strange person approach you while you are shopping and suddenly start talking to you? I hope I made her feel a little bit like a celebrity.

Waves at Diane

We only had a few minutes to chat, but hope to get together some time soon to talk all things blogging.

But back to the regular thrifty finds photos.

OK this is a cheat again, I found this a while ago, but I fell in love with this vase and the soft colours.

I did find this great vintage tablecloth. Nice colours and in great shape!

A nice little Pyrex dish. I started buying these vintage Pyrex pieces for Miss Murfin, but I quickly discovered that I enjoy using them. Vintage, cute, and practical! I try to stick to one colour, so I buy green for me and blue for her. But if I ever saw red pieces for a good price…..

It is sitting on one of the pieces if vintage fabric. I think this one will make a cute tablecloth. The other pieces went straight into the washing machine.

And how could I resist this cute little candle holder with a wee red barn on it?

There were also some metal …things that I will make into bird baths for the garden, but they did not photograph well, so wait for them post re-do.

As I was getting out of the car I noticed this fungus growing on a tree …not everyone finds this cool, but it amazes me.

Tomorrow, a crafty post.

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Saturday at Hedgehog Hill

Well there is much work going on at Hedgehog Hill theses days. We are very anxious to finally move in completely. We did stay over night on Friday, but there is no internet, no cable TV, and no shower. So really it is like VERY comfortable camping.

Still lots of banging and sawing and dust flying everywhere. I have caught up on the painting for the moment…oh, wait I have closet doors to paint, dang. Anyway I was general fetcher and holder and lifter and how-high-decision-maker on Saturday. But in between all of that I did spend time doing some fun things. I had to refill bird feeders. Now that the birds know we are there and have feeders, it seems like it is a constant battle to keep them full! It was snowing and the wind was blowing so I did not get any pictures of the feeders but I will try on Sunday when the sun is supposed to shine a little.

But here is what I did do.

I found a spot for the little shelf I thrifted on Thursday, and the green jug too. I keep adding things to this shelf so I will take pictures again.

I enjoyed looking through some new craft books I bought myself for Valentines day.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark. They are all wonderful and I can’t wait to start some new projects.

I have started a new crochet project. A ripple blanket based on the pattern from Attic 24. I am using the left overs from Miss Murfins afghan.

There was a little chocolate involved. Have you tried one of these bars? WOW I had to put it away or the whole thing would have been gone.

Then there was a big dish of mac and cheese. (Mr Murfins favourite)

And feet up in front of this for a bit before the banging and sawing commenced again.

A busy Saturday.