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Spring is a time of renewal, so my plan is to renew this blog simply because I enjoy recording what I do. I started the blog, many years ago, to record our progress as we moved to this country property, but too often I… Continue Reading “Spring”

Hedgehog Hill garden 2018 April 1st

Recently I’ve been watching “The Good Life” not the recent American series, rather the BBC sitcom from the mid 70’s. It was based on a husband and wife  who decide to try for a life of self sufficiency in suburban Britain. Of course they… Continue Reading “Hedgehog Hill garden 2018 April 1st”

Hello again

Well it has been much longer than I had anticipated to get back to the keyboard and write a blog. Winter around here does tend to get a bit dismal. After all of the colour and excitement of Christmas and blogmas I went into… Continue Reading “Hello again”

Blogmas day 4 outside trees

Hello my little Pinecones! There are only two reasons when I don’t like the snow. One is when I have to clean it off my car the other is when I am driving my car and can’t see the road. Other than that I… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 4 outside trees”


We humans seem to have a need to categorize other humans. We define each other by our colour, religion, gender, sexuality, and more options than may be necessary. It’s sad really because all humans are essentially identical as a species and at the same time made up of so many factors… Continue Reading “Seeds”

Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake

  As you can see we are under a blanket of snow at Hedgehog Hill. We had a green Christmas and New Years then a week of streamers off the lake that swirled around the house and yard. This means long dark nights and… Continue Reading “Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake”

Spring blooms

You may remember that last spring was a bit of disaster for blooms. My heart broke when my much-anticipated magnolia was frosted. Thankfully this year we did not get summer in March and had a traditionally cruel April with lots of hints at spring… Continue Reading “Spring blooms”

Fall, autumn, time passes…

Don’t you just love that GLOW? The air is crisp, the ground is crunchy. We had a very dry summer and it has changed the landscape this fall. For most of the summer the pond was, well, more of a puddle. Here is what it… Continue Reading “Fall, autumn, time passes…”

Red Currant Jelly

You may wonder what happened to those red currants? I did manage to save some from the birds. It was a lot of work to pick even a few. It took quite a bit of stretching and bending to find this many on the… Continue Reading “Red Currant Jelly”

Red and White Currants

It is lovely weather here at Hedgehog Hill. we had a few days that were hot and very humid, but after some much-needed cloud bursts last night we are into perfect summer weather. I am still learning what is here from the previous owners and… Continue Reading “Red and White Currants”