Word of the year – enough

So I missed posting last week. Migraine ugh.

One of this things I am learning as I get older is that you have to let shit go when you have a chronic condition like migraines. I have also learned to use the time wisely. When I am down for the day unable to do much I can still think, and dream, and plan. Focusing the mind on a future project is also good therapy.

But this is what I had planned to post.

Every year I like to choose a word. I’m not alone in this practice, it has become a sort of alternate to New Years resolutions and the eventual disappointment they can harbor.

I look for a word that both sums up where I am currently in thoughts and emotions, and where I hope the future year will take me.

In past years I have chosen words like  – joy – serenity – power -.

I don’t worry too much about aligning my life to the word. I’m sure the year I chose joy I also experienced sorrow. But my goal was to focus on the joy, look for the serenity, feel my inner power.

So that brings us to the word for 2018  – ENOUGH – .

I like it when my words come to me suddenly in a kind of bolt of inspiration. I think this is what happened to me this year. There was no question in my mind where I am at right now.

Telling yourself – I am enough – is not new advice. I certainly have not come up with a revolutionary statement. I think I am just ready for it to be true. Maybe it’s my age. Once past 50 you can truly let go of other peoples’ expectations – and some of your own. We all have those things we believe in our hearts that we fail at. If only I was tidier, if only I had spent more time on career goals, if only I worked harder…  I have come to a place where I don’t want to beat myself up anymore, I want to celebrate, and focus on what I am good at, what brings me joy and serenity, and nourishes my inner power. I finally believe  I am enough.

There is also a new understanding that – I have enough

I have never been a rich person; but I have never starved either. I have always had a home, and family, and friends. Those are the things that matter.

Of course there are still things that I want, changes I would like to make to my home, new friends and new experiences. But right now, in this moment it brings great joy and serenity to know, – I have enough

But there is a third part of my year of enough and I think it is one women are feeling all over the world.

I’ve had enough of this shit

The #metoo movement has opened the conversation that we need to have right now. It is not going to be easy, or comfortable. People will disagree or see some things in a different light that you do. You may question things you felt certain of. The world is shifting. It’s about time.

I don’t need to re phrase the call to action women, and supportive men, are talking about, because others will say it better. I hope this year will see a lot of changes and women will use their inner power to light up the world. That power is not new but millions saying it together may create something new.

Me too I’ve had enough of this shit.







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