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High Tea

It was Miss Murfin’s birthday last week and she and I decided to visit a tea room and indulge in a special high tea. She had never tried clotted cream before…Imagine! We went to a place called The Silver Spoon in Kitchener Ontario. It… Continue Reading “High Tea”

Just when you think it is all about crochet

So after months of nothing but crochet I am knitting again. I had started a knitted cardigan with this lovely blue merino over a year ago. When we started the move to Hedgehog Hill I knew it was too complicated a pattern to deal with… Continue Reading “Just when you think it is all about crochet”

A Short Rant About Blogs

I like,- no – make that LOVE, to read blogs. I feel so connected to many of the bloggers, I see people – just like me, out there in the big world doing cool things. But my rant is about commenting on those blogs. So… Continue Reading “A Short Rant About Blogs”

The Artist’s Way

It was Julia Cameron’s birthday the other day. I found this out through the wonderful world of Facebook. This reminded me to visit her website. I first discovered her book The Artist Way about 15 years ago and I can honestly say it… Continue Reading “The Artist’s Way”

Catching up

I was really, really hoping for some sun this weekend. All of this cloudy snowy weather makes for dull pictures. I think there was sun for about 5 minutes on Sunday. I was not outside then… I am desperate to get some crafty things… Continue Reading “Catching up”

Miss me?

No the pond does not look like this today. Today we have white fluffy snow everywhere. I have had a busy week. I was in the big city, then recovering from being in the big city. The view from my hotel window. It is… Continue Reading “Miss me?”

testing the camera

So I am really new to this whole camera with fancy lenses and stuff. Mr Murfin owns the fancy camera and I have always shunned it in favour of my little in-the-pocket-point-and-shoot one which is much lighter and easy to carry on holidays. So far all… Continue Reading “testing the camera”

Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill

We had some blustery days this past weekend. A nice day to be inside with a cup of tea, a pastry, a few strawberries, and a loved one to cuddle with. I love my polka dots! The mugs remind me of some expensive ones I… Continue Reading “Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill”

It’s a whole new world!

Welcome! My plans for a blog started last year. I was very excited and took lots of photos. Then life happened, and things had to be put away. But now spring is in the air and we are moving to a new house in… Continue Reading “It’s a whole new world!”