Blogmas day 15 Christmas Q & A

imageHello my little tinsel tree toppers

Today I am going to do 10 Christmas Questions

1 What is your favourite Christmas food?  

A – It is very hard to choose, because I love the whole turkey dinner but I really love the potato casserole made with hash browns and soup and sour cream.  Not very fancy but I only get it once a year and look forward to it.

2  What s your favoutite Christmas song?

A – If I’m being serious I would say “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. Jethro Tull does an amazing version. If I think of pop music I would say Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” – puts me in a good mood. I don’t like the silly songs at all except once a year I love to hear  “I want a hippopotomus for Christmas” – then I have it stuck in my head all day. Now you do too – you’re welcome.

3  White lights or coloured lights?

A –  I have already mentioned this one…white lights inside, multi-coloured outside.

4 Do you send Christmas cards?

A – No but I love the idea of them. I loved seeing all the cards arriving in December when I was a kid. Often I got to open them and that was a treat. Then we hung them up on the wall. It is a tradition I would love to do again….but it is also very expensive (postage!) and time consuming.

5. When do you open presents? 

A – I did not realize this was so varried until I was an adult and found out every culture or family seems to have very firm ideas and traditions about presents. When I was little we had family Christmas with my older brothers and sisters on Christmas Eve so I got lots of presents then. On Christmas morning we always had stockings on our beds as soon as we woke up and then I would get presents from Santa and Mom and Dad (I was the youngest and last at home)  in the morning …we didn’t really do breakfast everyone ate chocolate or leftovers from the night before.

6 Eggnog yes or no?

A – NO

7  Tree real or fake?

A – Fake but only because you can put it up sooner. And I have several. And when we finish the TV room in the basement I will have one down there too. I love the idea of a real tree and have considered getting a potted Norfolk pine….or a little cedar.

8  Favourite Christmas cookie / sweet

A – Shortbread all the way. But there are lots of treats that only get made about now that are great. Love going to a potluck and tasting all the different ones.

9 Fruitcake yes or no?

A – I really, really WANT to like fruit cake but have never found one that really tickled my tinsel. I did make an amazing ginger cake last year that I will be doing again. But no fruit in it.

10  Do you dream of a white Christmas?

A – Yes always want snow on Christmas. This year we may have more than we need. But I also want everyone to travel safely so only overnight and nice fluffy soft white stuff.


And that is the end of my Q & A  Feel free to ask your friends and family and see what answers you get. Or comment below with any of your favourites.

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