Thoughts….so many thoughts



Hello all,

As we enter this new world I have been thinking a lot….you too? And in the middle of the night I realized that we are all participating, every single person on this planet, (even if you don’t think the virus is a big deal and are ignoring the warnings, you too get to participate!) in the largest social experiment the world has ever known.

Millions of people are either in lock down, quarantine, self isolation or denial. The words “social distancing” are being repeated over and over. When did you ever say those two words together before? This weird new world is just something we need to learn to cope with.

I like a good strategy for my life so I have come up with a few things I’m going to do.

I have always journaled, all my life really, so I will continue that but I am putting a little side intent into it. Just before this all went wild here in Canada it was February 29th, leap year, and in my journal I realized that at the time of the next leap year I will be 60 years old. That gave me a huge shock! Surely that is not possible? But after checking my drivers licence and doing the math, it is indeed real. WTF?

Occasionally I pull out old journals and look back at my life. Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, often empowering. So I was already writing about looking back to these pages in 2024, and now I can see an opportunity to really record this extraordinary time for the future.

I have been a great fan of Julia Cameron and her book “The Artists Way” for many years. So I am re acquainting myself with morning pages. Three sheets of long  hand writing first thing in the morning. It is a wonderful way to brain dump on the page and sort out what is on your mind. Don’t think too much, don’t edit, just write. How will I feel when I look back on this time What changes will be seen in the world of the future. This may not be something for everyone, but I am fascinated by it.

This blog is of course another form of journaling, and I believe it is coming back to life! It is another way of recording my thoughts and feelings about life in a pandemic, but this format is about sharing more curated thoughts with all 6 of you who read this.

I am also thinking about starting a small art project. I have followed similar projects where a creator posts a new creation every day….I’m still working out how I want to do this one, but it feels right so I think it will happen.

It is easy to get disheartened about all of this crazy world stuff and to allow the uncertainty to follow you around, but I’m making choices to try to do some different (or at least modified) things to make it …what more manageable?  more memorable? an opportunity for growth?

In no way do I want to minimize the tragedy and hardship that will be happening in all of our communities, I am not looking to make light of what is is uncertain, I am just one woman coping with a new world, all the while approaching 60 at a faster pace that I realized.


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