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Blogmas day 23 The Christmas Elves are busy

Hello my little sugar cookies. It is all on here at Hedgehog Hill. There is baking and cleaning and wrapping going on in every room. Right after Christmas last year I picked up a really cute cake pan. I have never attempted a traditional… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 23 The Christmas Elves are busy”

Blogmas day 18 – Christmas meat pies

Hello my little pie crusts So as I was making the annual Christmas meat pies today I realized that they are not really all that photogenic. Nor is there an exact recipe. My Dad was a chef. A few years before he passed away… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 18 – Christmas meat pies”

Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food

Hello my little satsumas I was pondering what to write about today. I thought I should stay current with how my own preparations for Christmas are going. Today I did a huge grocery shop. It was so big partly because we have been stormed… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food”

Blogmas Day 9 – Not the Great British Baking Show

Hello my little Sugar Cookies So tonight I decided to pull out the box of cookie cutters and add the new “ugly sweater” one I bought this year. It has been a few years since I made rolled out cookies, and now I remember… Continue Reading “Blogmas Day 9 – Not the Great British Baking Show”

Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake

  As you can see we are under a blanket of snow at Hedgehog Hill. We had a green Christmas and New Years then a week of streamers off the lake that swirled around the house and yard. This means long dark nights and… Continue Reading “Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake”

Red Currant Jelly

You may wonder what happened to those red currants? I did manage to save some from the birds. It was a lot of work to pick even a few. It took quite a bit of stretching and bending to find this many on the… Continue Reading “Red Currant Jelly”

Red and White Currants

It is lovely weather here at Hedgehog Hill. we had a few days that were hot and very humid, but after some much-needed cloud bursts last night we are into perfect summer weather. I am still learning what is here from the previous owners and… Continue Reading “Red and White Currants”

The ONLY way to cook asparagus

Well Hello! So my brother was here the other day as I was peering at the weeds in the garden. I explained I was looking for the asparagus. I know it is in there, I saw the tall ferny ends last fall. I was getting impatient.… Continue Reading “The ONLY way to cook asparagus”

A second no recipe cake. In which I don’t follow the instructions anyway…

So another Pinterest cake. You can’t really call it a recipe when it is only 2 things. The idea and picture on Pinterest is for an apple cinnamon cake. I didn’t have apple pie filling in a tin, so I substituted raspberry. And that is it… Continue Reading “A second no recipe cake. In which I don’t follow the instructions anyway…”

Sunday at Hedgehog Hill

A little bit of this and that at Hedgehog Hill today. I discovered that nylon ski jackets and wood stoves are natural enemies… hole in my sleeve. But I made a great everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-soup. Started with celery, carrot and green pepper. Decided to add those… Continue Reading “Sunday at Hedgehog Hill”