Teacup Tuesday

teacup 1

Isn’t that a lovely thought? A cup of tea and a stack of magazines… what could better on a sunny Winter afternoon?

This little beauty is a thrift shop find. Only cost me a couple of dollars. I was drawn to the sweet picture of people skating on the mill-pond.


I don’t think it is particularly old. It may be a reproduction of a popular older pattern. Wm Adams & Sons did a lot of transferware. I am in love with transferware.  Such a nice clean interior. The edge is a very odd green-grey. Not a colour you see a lot.


Let’s look at the couple skating up close.


Perfect for an afternoon cuppa’

desk shot

7 Comments on “Teacup Tuesday

  1. Lovely and so perfect for our nasty weather in MN today. I’m terrible about leaving the China in the hutch but I’m good at wearing my good clothes. I kind of wonder if I’m over dressed sometimes when people comment about how dressed up I am. But it makes me happy:)

      • I was blessed with my grandma’s beautiful breakfront which houses the china and crystal they received for their wedding that she in turn gave to me for my wedding. Raining and snowing again today. I think I’ll use a pretty tea cup for afternoon tea today and see if that perks me up a bit:)

      • How lovely to have such an important family heirloom!
        We have had frezing rain. I have so much to do in the gardens…can’t wait for spring!

  2. Gorgeous. I have a couple of Royal Albert cup and saucer sets that I love but rarely use. They have gorgeous flowers inside and out. Must start using them. : 0

    • Always use the best china. It is good advice and we could all do it more often. I am also trying to wear my “best ” clothes more often. The shirt that people always compliment you on? Wear it at least once a week!

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