Saturday at Hedgehog Hill

Well there is much work going on at Hedgehog Hill theses days. We are very anxious to finally move in completely. We did stay over night on Friday, but there is no internet, no cable TV, and no shower. So really it is like VERY comfortable camping.

Still lots of banging and sawing and dust flying everywhere. I have caught up on the painting for the moment…oh, wait I have closet doors to paint, dang. Anyway I was general fetcher and holder and lifter and how-high-decision-maker on Saturday. But in between all of that I did spend time doing some fun things. I had to refill bird feeders. Now that the birds know we are there and have feeders, it seems like it is a constant battle to keep them full! It was snowing and the wind was blowing so I did not get any pictures of the feeders but I will try on Sunday when the sun is supposed to shine a little.

But here is what I did do.

I found a spot for the little shelf I thrifted on Thursday, and the green jug too. I keep adding things to this shelf so I will take pictures again.

I enjoyed looking through some new craft books I bought myself for Valentines day.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark. They are all wonderful and I can’t wait to start some new projects.

I have started a new crochet project. A ripple blanket based on the pattern from Attic 24. I am using the left overs from Miss Murfins afghan.

There was a little chocolate involved. Have you tried one of these bars? WOW I had to put it away or the whole thing would have been gone.

Then there was a big dish of mac and cheese. (Mr Murfins favourite)

And feet up in front of this for a bit before the banging and sawing commenced again.

A busy Saturday.

2 Comments on “Saturday at Hedgehog Hill

  1. This is very exciting for you, even if you have to rough it a little! Can’t wait to see how the houses comes together as you start to get settled in. Diane

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