Spring flower report and Thrifty Thursday

This week I will combine a couple of posts just to save time. The weather has continued to be beyond remarkable, often above 20 c and lots and lots of sun! It changed from winter to summer with no stop at spring. But I think that may change, April can be a fickle month.

But oh the little flowers peeking up everywhere! These teeny little daffys arrived overnight. The hyacinths should not be far behind.

The rows of leaves are turning into cheery stripes of yellow.

These little fellows are blooming outside the walled garden.

The forsythia too!

I did get a few treasures in my fast trip through the local thrift shop. Everything on the table, including the cloth for $14.00. There are 2 books on cd, an enamel bowl with green rim, a cutlery tote, and big green metal tote, little blue and white bowl and the checkered cloth.

Oh the napkins I bought (thrifted) a while ago, and the red handled cutlery was from GT – $4.

Just in time for meals on the patio!

I love this little bowl. Reminds me of Emma Bridgewater crockery.

This metal tote could also carry supplies to the picnic, or tools to the garden.

So many lovely Thrifty finds and my first bouquet from my garden!

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