Thrifty Thursd….errr Friday!

There is so much going on here at Hedgehog Hill that the days get away on me.

I have been finding lots of plant and garden stuff in my thrifty rambles.

I found them each at different places and none cost me more than $10

I think I need to get some bigger plants for this one. Still not sure if I am going to hang it inside or put it outside for the summer.

The weather here has been remarkably warm, into the high teens everyday. We have cleaned out the fountain and need to figure out how it works.

This picture was before we scooped out all the dead leaves, a smelly job.

This fella came with the fountain. Last fall there was often a real frog sitting on the ledge next to him. The frogs are from the Frog Pond of Camelot. I expect there will be more posts about them later. There were many, many frogs.

Move in day is getting closer. We are here more than not these days. Just one or two more critical issues to solve and we will be full-time residents, along with the birds, squirrels, frogs and jack rabbits. Happy Happy Happy

4 Comments on “Thrifty Thursd….errr Friday!

  1. Love the white plant shelf especially! I can’t wait to see the clean fountain tomorrow!

  2. Those are some great thrift finds. I am in love with your outdoor fountain! You must be getting very excited about the move, nothing better than home sweet home! Good luck with the move. Diane

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