testing cake, well someone had to do it…

I have mentioned my addiction to Pinterest before…

I don’t usually look at the food pins, not that I don’t love food and cooking, but looking at those pictures makes me hungry for stuff I either don’t have or shouldn’t eat.

Mr Murfin will tell you that I am highly suggestible when it comes to food. Some TV commercial are hard to resist and I have to be carefull when I watch the food channel. Suddenly I will want lasagna, at 10 PM. Not a practical time to start cooking lasagna.

Anyway back to Pinterst. When I keep seeing the same pin for something that looks like a try-this idea, I eventually open it in case I am missing something. I was intrigued by the  3-2-1 cake.

So the basic idea is pretty simple. Mix a box of angel food cake mix and a box of flavoured cake mix. That’s it.

To make your mini cakes you put 3 tablespoons of the mix in a small microwave proof bowl, add 2 tablespoons of water, mix and microwave for 1 minute.

Sounds easy….

Combine the two dry mixes
mix 3 tblsp dry mix with 2 tblsp water
looked a bit spongy and a dull colour. But it was fully cooked in one minute.

It was sponge-y looking and a bit dull in colour, but it looked cooked.

The all important taste test!

It tasted good! As you might expect a chocolatety sponge cake. Light and airy. A dollop of whipped cream would have been nice….

I might like to try it with a spice cake mix, or butter pecan. I wonder if you could add anything else? It was certainly fast and did not make too much, just a little snack.

a thumbs up!

It might be a little too easy, so not a great idea for someone trying to loose a few pounds. But I think it would be great for people who live on their own, I’ll think I’ll take some over to my Mom.

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