Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill

We had some blustery days this past weekend. A nice day to be inside with a cup of tea, a pastry, a few strawberries, and a loved one to cuddle with.

I love my polka dots! The mugs remind me of some expensive ones I have seen, but they are from the dollar store! Come to think of it so is the tray you can see in the background and the napkins… I find lots of polka-dotty goodness at the Dollar store.

Isn’t it amazing to have strawberries at this time of year? Yes I know they have a lot of miles on them, but as a treat I think they are OK once in a while.

Remember to say I love you to the mirror! Be good to yourself and buy yourself a little treat. It doesn’t need to be much, a good bar of chocolate, a single flower or a potted plant, a magazine you would normally think was too expensive, or some yummy bath salts. Then make a nice cup of tea and spend a half and hour enjoying your treat. You deserve it!

4 Comments on “Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill

  1. I recognize those red polka dot mugs, I have a few myself. I can not walk away from anything with spots! Diane

    • Room for mugs is becomming a problem. There are so many cute ones! I bring out special Christmas ones and pack the others away, but I think these will stay out for now. I have to say they are nice to drink from too. I have some that came with my everyday dishes that are too heavy and never get used.

  2. You set a beautiful table! It looks so inviting. If I had a George Jetson car, I could speed up to your house and we could enjoy a croissant and cocoa – I don’t drink coffee, you must remember that – and have such a great time talking, venting and laughing. Sorry, I haven’t stopped by the last couple of days. It’s been an INSANE Valentines Day here. We worked all day Saturday, I sort of slept all day Sunday, and I’ve just gotten home from a 13 hour day today at the shop. Tomorrow looks to be only slightly shorter hours. We’ve run out of Red roses, vases, baby’s breath………… we should get an emergency supply tomorrow morning. We thought last year was big, but this looks to overshadow it by leaps and bounds. I promise after tomorrow, I’ll be more attentive! By the way that cake looked really interesting……….and really unappetizing. But if you say it tasted good, I’ll believe you!

    • Thanks Renee I had so much fun with the table there will be more. I can’t wait for that George Jetson mobile too. We so need to vent! I know how busy you must be, thanks for stoping by.

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