It is pretty dull these days around Hedgehog Hill. A winter with no snow is kind of grey and muddy. But I do have some lovely shots from last fall. We bought the place in October. Most of the flowering plants were finished, but it was still pretty green and the apple tree was in overdrive!

Apple tree in October
lots of windfalls
and some other berries...

We did have some snow in December so a white Christmas (kind of) lovely fluffy snow that landed on the high bush cranberries. I know nothing about these berries that is just what I was told they are. I think they stink when you cook them…I was afraid to try!

And there are some beautiful winter sunsets over the pond.

Still, I am dreaming of gardens and flowers and big armfuls of lilacs.

Tomorrow I am testing one of those crazy ideas from Pinterest…3 2 1 cake. hmmmmm

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