Month: March 2012

Trip to the beach

I had a little time to myself this morning and thought I would take a drive down to the beach. This beach is at Goderich  Ontario and is beautiful any time of the year. There are many sections and lots of different types of beach to walk,… Continue Reading “Trip to the beach”

A Host of Daffodils

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils;  Beside the lake, beneath the trees,  Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. W. Wordsworth And very, very… Continue Reading “A Host of Daffodils”

Spring flower report and Thrifty Thursday

This week I will combine a couple of posts just to save time. The weather has continued to be beyond remarkable, often above 20 c and lots and lots of sun! It changed from winter to summer with no stop at spring. But I… Continue Reading “Spring flower report and Thrifty Thursday”

Thrifty Thursd….errr Friday!

There is so much going on here at Hedgehog Hill that the days get away on me. I have been finding lots of plant and garden stuff in my thrifty rambles. I found them each at different places and none cost me more than… Continue Reading “Thrifty Thursd….errr Friday!”

Spring time walk

All the snow is gone. Yesterday the temperature rose to 14 c ! It was lovely and Mr Murfin and I explored the little woods beside Hedgehog Hill to see if we could find the old bridge that washed away. If you look quickly… Continue Reading “Spring time walk”

Spring is in the air!

Saturday was not as warm as I would have liked, but in the afternoon I did get outside to poke around in the gardens. Yes spring is on the way and wow there are more bulbs here than I thought! I can also start… Continue Reading “Spring is in the air!”

First Post made directly from Hedgehog Hill

Ok so I don’t really have anything to say, except that we have temporary internet at HH. I am amazed that in this day and age we don’t have cable access here. Our options are limited to a satellite dish or a hub which uses cellular… Continue Reading “First Post made directly from Hedgehog Hill”

A second no recipe cake. In which I don’t follow the instructions anyway…

So another Pinterest cake. You can’t really call it a recipe when it is only 2 things. The idea and picture on Pinterest is for an apple cinnamon cake. I didn’t have apple pie filling in a tin, so I substituted raspberry. And that is it… Continue Reading “A second no recipe cake. In which I don’t follow the instructions anyway…”

The Artist’s Way

It was Julia Cameron’s birthday the other day. I found this out through the wonderful world of Facebook. This reminded me to visit her website. I first discovered her book The Artist Way about 15 years ago and I can honestly say it… Continue Reading “The Artist’s Way”

Catching up

I was really, really hoping for some sun this weekend. All of this cloudy snowy weather makes for dull pictures. I think there was sun for about 5 minutes on Sunday. I was not outside then… I am desperate to get some crafty things… Continue Reading “Catching up”