A Short Rant About Blogs

I like,- no – make that LOVE, to read blogs. I feel so connected to many of the bloggers, I see people – just like me, out there in the big world doing cool things. But my rant is about commenting on those blogs. So many times I have written a thoughtful comment only to find that the blog program won’t let me post it. It is not just those weird words you have to type in, it is choosing a profile under which to post. Even if I am signed in as Mrs Murfin I cannot post as a WordPress client. Today I was trying to post a comment on a friends blogger site and I needed to go back in my comment and add something, my cursor was frozen, I tried for several minutes to get it to work and gave up.

So to the people who comment here, I appreciate it so much! I know how frustrating it can be. To those who don’t comment – that is OK too, I know you are thinking good thoughts!

And to all of those blogs that I would like to comment on? I love what you have to say, keep saying it!

Rant over, resume your regular activities.

Here is a nice picture.

2 Comments on “A Short Rant About Blogs

  1. It’s those damn unwanted (and un-asked for) upgrades!

    Me too, exactly.

    Beautiful picture.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I always used to comment under my blog ID, but for some reason, and without me changing anything, I now comment under my name. I don’t mind, but it took a while for people to realise I was one and the same person!!
    And that is a very nice picture. Unusual, but pretty, colour.

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