Ripple update

It seems like a long time ago I started the ripple blanket. I was just going to use up some scraps from Miss Murfin’s Christmas afghan and whip up a little lap blanket.

A few months ago it looked like this.

I used 7 colours in what I call the Lucy repeat from the lovely Attic 24 blog. This was one time through the colours.

I worked 2 times through the colours and thought, I’d like it a little bigger.

3 times and I have this monster!

6 rows of 7 colours X 3 repeats = 126 rows! Now I have all of these ends to sew in and a couple of times round the edge for a border and I am done!

It is lovely and soft and very warm when you have it spread over your lap to work on it. I need to get it finished before the really hot weather get here.

Then maybe I can get the African flower afghan done…but I also have a Cath Kidson inspired blanket in the wings. Both done with smaller individual blocks, so good projects for summer.

4 Comments on “Ripple update

  1. There is just nothing on TV that interests me until fall but I sit with my hubby who is STILL watching hockey and work on socks, but I must learn to crochet soon because I just clearned out our sock drawers and they are quite full of my homemade socks!

  2. I’m crocheting an afghan at the moment as well. It’s quite nice to sit with in the evening as I watch the telly with my husband. I can feel like I am accomplishing something instead of turning into a couch potato! xxoo

    • Yes I have a hard time watching TV if I don’t have something to do with my hands. The ripple was nice because it takes no concentration. Anything that I have to look at closely either gets put down or goes horribly wrong!

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