Red and White Currants

It is lovely weather here at Hedgehog Hill. we had a few days that were hot and very humid, but after some much-needed cloud bursts last night we are into perfect summer weather.

I am still learning what is here from the previous owners and I have been watching some vines that are on the backside of the large compost structure.

I was hoping it might be currants, and so it is!

I think currants have gone out of fashion sadly. They are a lot of work to pick, sort and preserve. I can see why they are not available in large stores, they are not easily harvested by machines. These are the things I think we should all grow if we have the space. I have never tried to make currant jelly but I think I’ll give it a try. It is a lot of work with the straining etc. But my research says currants are high in pectin and set very easily.

I also saw these, that seem to be a separate bush. At first I wondered if they might be gooseberries. But gooseberries grow in singles and have nasty thorns and are much bigger. So I am guessing white currants.

From my reading on the internet, white seem to be less common, but highly prized. I wonder if I can combine them for jelly.

I bought some Ontario strawberries last week, they were the best berries I have had in a long time. Don’t you just want to bite that one on top? I did!

These were devoured just as they are. Then I bought more and made jam. Guess what I have every morning for breakfast?

4 Comments on “Red and White Currants

  1. Currant jelly is my favorite – I really wish it were easier to find, but makes sense given how much is involved in picking the berries in the first place.

    • Oh maybe they are black, but not fully ripe yet? Thanks for the tip i’ll keep an eye on them. ilove your cake receipe. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks Marie

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