testing the camera

So I am really new to this whole camera with fancy lenses and stuff. Mr Murfin owns the fancy camera and I have always shunned it in favour of my little in-the-pocket-point-and-shoot one which is much lighter and easy to carry on holidays.

So far all of the pictures on the blog have been from my  little camera,and are not too bad.  But we have this heavy big SLR so I need to learn how to use it.

Mr Murfin tells me to read the manual…..you would think someone who likes to read as much as I do would have thought of that, maybe. But I get nothing from it, it is too wordy. I need to learn hands-on. So when there was finally 10 minutes of sun I trooped off to the back yard to find some suitable shots. The great thing about digital is you just keep clicking, so out of all of the shots I took, at least a few worked.

The high bush cranberries again. I love the colour, and they are about the only colour in the yard right now.

I wanted to get the ice in this one.

 And another…

So those were the good ones. I also took a picture of the 2 “barns”

Not as good a shot but I love my 2 barns. The birds love that feeder too because if a couple of them (or the fat pigeon) sit on one side it tips and the seed spills out on the ground. Not stupid those birds. It also holds the suet blocks. I have to say I now have a strong opinion on the various merits of suet blocks. There’s a knowledge based I didn’t know I was lacking!

And then back inside where it is warm and more tropical.

4 Comments on “testing the camera

  1. I LOVE the pictures of the cranberries. I would take three of them and have them matted and framed and hang them as a trio. Every room needs a splash of red. You seem to be grasping the fancy camera stuff just fine. I’m jealous of the snow. We’ve barely gotten enough to fill a shovel this winter, and when we did get a little it was gone the next day – boo.

    • Well the snow is almost gone again Renee. It is raining right now. I have to say I don’t mind this winter. I may end up with pictures of cranberries in all seasons I keep taking picture of them!

  2. Those pics are amazing! I too bought a new fancy shmancy camera with all the bells and whistles and am still learning new things with it, but one thing for sure…..they take incredibility beautiful pictures. I love my camera! Lovely post today. Diane

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