Sunday at Hedgehog Hill

A little bit of this and that at Hedgehog Hill today. I discovered that nylon ski jackets and wood stoves are natural enemies… hole in my sleeve.

But I made a great everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-soup.

Started with celery, carrot and green pepper.

Decided to add those last few mushrooms and a can of mixed beans.

Looking good.

Added the rest of the coleslaw mix. I am that only one who likes coleslaw so when I buy some I like to find a way to use up the rest. Soup is a great way to hide things. A tiny little bit of rice, I find too much soaks up all of the stock. I also added chicken stock and various seasonings. I LOVE oregano, I put it in everything.

Yum! It was great, filling and warm.

I also finished another little project. This shelf came with the house. We moved it and I found a new spot for it on top of some pine drawers.

A bit too bland, maybe some….

Red Gingham!  Peel and stick vinyl shelf paper.

Done in no time.


A spot for my beautiful rose chintz china.

One Comment on “Sunday at Hedgehog Hill

  1. Good looking soup and love the china. i’m keeping a eye out for more pieces of that for you.

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