Planners and Journals welcome 2018


No matter what you feel about New Years resolutions it is hard to not see this time of year as a new beginning. The holidays are such a busy time I was very grateful to take a week after it was all over to decompress and sit with my thoughts.

I have kept a journal all of my life and would recommend it to anyone. The process of recording your thoughts and impressions of the day can clear the brain and make room for new thoughts and ideas. I have also used my journal as a long term planning tool, a place for dreams. I would like to think that putting things on paper helps you manifest those dreams and can change your future.

Lately there has been a resurgence in planners, they are everywhere. Entire Pinterest pages, and Instagram accounts are devoted to beautiful, complicated books of art, stickers and washi tape. I must admit I have fallen down the hole that is pinterest  on more than one occasion.

I wonder though, at how in this age of digital everything there are so many paper options. I’ll fess up. As much as I love the digital world, I will never give up on paper. So maybe I can understand this draw to it. There is something about the feel of it, the process of pen to paper that will never loose it’s appeal.


I keep several planners, one for work, one for personal use and a small note book that I use to track my daily food, activity, and moods and habits. The older I get the more lists I need just to get through the day. I’m not sure if I should just blame that on my age or because we all have too much on our plates, but the planners are more than just tools. My personal planner has become one of those sticker, washi tape extravaganzas. The time I spend in the evenings adding the entirely unnecessary frills to my lists and plans is both soothing and a way to access creativity while still being useful.

Today was one of those beautiful winter days with brilliant white snow and blue skies and bright sun. We drove down to the beach, it was almost a busy as a summer day. Nothing like a bit of sun to drag hibernating Canadians from their dens.




One Comment on “Planners and Journals welcome 2018

  1. I too love to journal, and paper is best for the daily journal and garden journal. There are some gorgeous selections out there, but I just use 3 ring binders! I enjoy your blog, especially the garden related news.

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