Blogmas 2016


Hello all!Christmas tree close-up

So a while ago I made a rather rash promise that I would blog everyday from December 1st to the 25th. I was full of early Christmas fever and excited by watching You Tube videos from Vlogmas 2015. (go google Zoella Vlogmas, but be prepared to fall down a You Tube hole for an hour or two)
So this post is to let you know that I really do intend to keep that promise, in fact I have been working on it a lot and while every day may not be a long or complicated post I will try to get something up each morning.
Christmas is a favourite time of year for me, not only do we have all the festive activities, it is also my birthday month.
As an adult it is easy to lose some of your Christmas spirit. I mean there is all that commercialism, the stress of getting it all done, the expense of the presents, and food, and parties – Oh my!. It’s not all that happy a time if you are a confirmed introvert like I am. I love the idea of parties and group activities, I enjoy watching other people do them on TV or in movies. But in real life I am happier snuggling up with a blanket, mug of tea and a good book. This is why I love watching Christmas vlogs. I get to participate in all of those Christmass-y activities, at any time,  from the comfort of my couch.

Now that’s not to say I don’t do christmass-y stuff, but it will be more of the home-y, hygge variety.

Hygge is the new buzz word around town. Pronounced “hooga”, it is a Danish concept of getting cozy, enjoying your home and making an effort to keep your spirits up through the long dark winters. That will be the plan. Hygge the hell out of Christmas 2016.


Starting Thursday.

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