Considering Christmas….don’t hate me

So I know I know it is only September and there is some new form of political correctness police that hate all mention of Christmas before some date. Whatever – my blog, my rules.

Really I only blog about once every 12 months so when I get an idea I might as well roll with it. And we could all use a little more Christmas and a little less reality. In fact I could happily live in a snow globe some days. I think there was a bad TV  movie made about that…. That is a whole blog topic in itself, bad TV Christmas movies. There are so many of them.

Yes! score for Google. A Snow Globe Christmas  – Lifetime Television 2013. But wait there is more! Snowglobe by ABC Family made in 2007, and Snowmageddon in 2011 which is a sci-fi action film about the end of the world caused by a mysterious snow globe in a small Alaskan town. Really? Who thought that was a good film idea? It makes the first one look brilliant by comparison and now that I have watched the trailer for A Snow Globe Christmas I am remembering it fondly. I’ll be watching for it in December.

But back to my idea. I am considering doing a blog advent Christmas countdown thing…as in blogging everyday from the 1st to the 25th of December. Inspired by the wonderful Vlogmass of Zoella (She is a You Tube super-star if you don’t know who I mean – Google her)

The only reason I mention this here is to keep myself honest. If I write it here I have made it public….and might feel slightly more compelled to actually do it. Plus I feel like it will take a lot of preparation so I might as well get started now. Not that I need another project.

By my quick count it is about 74 days until the 1st of December. Let’s see how much I can get ready by then. I have already started on this.


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