The cat post

It had to happen sooner or later.

If you own a cat, and you write a blog, sooner or later you will write about the wonders of your beloved and spoiled kitty.

Crookshanks speaks english. At least she comprehends what we are saying and responds appropriately. She is also polite. As you let her out she offers a brief “mew” in thanks and the same when you let her in. She doesn’t mew very often otherwise, just “Hi and thanks for opening the door, it’s bloody cold out there” all in one short “mew”.

I also know cats speak sign language. If you open the door and it is very cold or there is snow they will shake their front paw just once. Work with me here, she is a genius of a cat.

She also likes to go for walks. If we head out in the back yard for a stroll around the property she will tag along like a dog. Galloping ahead, and following when you go somewhere new. Today I headed out to grab some shots while there was brief sun, and sure enough she came along.


She scratches each tree like a dog might lift a leg.

When I am lining up a shot to get some snow on a rock….

march 9

then out of nowhere….PHOTOBOMB

march 10

I am belly down in the snow to get a level shot of the stream and …


There she is again. She was in a posing mood today.

march 12

So we did an arty shot to please her. She wants to call it “Cat Among Trees”

I did get a couple of nice shots with out her.


But really today was all about the princess.



4 Comments on “The cat post

  1. She’s gorgeous. I love cat among trees. : )
    My daughter and her SO have two cats. One is a scaredy cat. A stray they took in and she’s scared of everyone and everything. When she wants to use her box, or get a snack, she starts meowing from one side of the house to the other as she makes her journey. I like to think she’s saying, “Look out everyone. I’m coming through. No sudden movements, please.” ; )

  2. I love this post! As do all my cats, of course. The cats I have now are all indoor cats, and while I’m happy with that decision (coyotes! foxes! owls! hawks! crazy country neighbors with guns!), I sometimes miss having a cat to take walks with me. Years ago I had a cat who came out and kept me company in the garden all the time. He never pooped there or dug up anything; just hung out and chatted with me while I worked.

    I can’t believe how photogenic your baby is, and that the snow doesn’t seem to faze her at all.

    • Hi Deb,
      She stays very close to home or I wouldn’t let her out. She is very attached to her people. 🙂
      She is a pretty girl and very tiny. Now going on 13 years old and still going strong!

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