A Woman in Love…

gets distracted by little things,

The only lilacs I was able to cut this year. I think some buds were frosted like the magnolia.

The irises are stunning. And so many different colours, from the common two toned purple, to a deep solid purple, and a dark crimson that I have never seen before in an iris.

Even a scraggly rhododendron. (the bush not this flower) Lovely but short-lived.

I planted some,


and some show up on their own.

There is beauty in some that may be called a weed.

Why not just sit a while and drink it all in? A woman in love with flowers.

3 Comments on “A Woman in Love…

  1. I’m just catching up on my reading. Great to have you back writing so I have reading to do!

  2. Your photos are awesome. I love the irises, and that final shot of the lone chair. I would claim that as my own. : ) I just caught a show on PBS about Highgrove, the Prince of Wales home and gardens. Wonderful show and I keep thinking of how I want so much to take a tour.

    • I claim it as often as I can Robena. We have had a lot of cloud cover the last few days and quite a bit of rain. I am missing my sun soaking!
      Hope all is well with you…and pipes etc..

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