Year round beauty

Remember last winter when I was obsessed with taking pictures of the bright red berries? Partly because they were the only colour in the yard, and they were beautiful, and red is my favourite colour….

Turns out they have a very pretty flower in May.

even prettier up close.

And the scent was intoxicating! So sweet and delicate. I’m kind of sad this bush is around my compost pile! I would love it out front where people can see it.

My sister-in-law told me they are High Bush Cranberries and when I looked that up it said the berries stink when you cook them. Maybe that is why the flowers smell so sweet, to make up for the stinky berries…

4 Comments on “Year round beauty

  1. haha, it figures that something so nice would smell horrible when cooked. They are so pretty though! One would never expect. It would be worth a try though. . . just to see if it’s true, and how they might taste. Perhaps the taste is out of this world! (I mean in a GOOD way!)

    • I’ll try it this fall and report back! I think I read they can make a jam or sauce. maybe they would be good in a chutney?
      Thanks for dropping by Marie!

  2. You have a beautiful garden Nancy. Isn’t it wonderful to see all of these new surprises now that the plants are blooming.

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