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Blogmas day 2 – Advent Calendars

Hello my little Advent Angels Well here we are at day 2. So lets get right to it and open up some advent calendars. I love advent calendars, but not the usual ones with the little waxy bits of chocolate. I’d like to think… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 2 – Advent Calendars”

First day of Blogmas!

Hello my little Candy Canes. Welcome to Blogmas 2016! (No it has not snowed here, I cheated and used a picture from last year) The plan, as you may already know, is to upload a festive chat every day from now to Christmas. We’ll… Continue Reading “First day of Blogmas!”

Blogmas 2016

  Hello all! So a while ago I made a rather rash promise that I would blog everyday from December 1st to the 25th. I was full of early Christmas fever and excited by watching You Tube videos from Vlogmas 2015. (go google Zoella… Continue Reading “Blogmas 2016”

Considering Christmas….don’t hate me

So I know I know it is only September and there is some new form of political correctness police that hate all mention of Christmas before some date. Whatever – my blog, my rules. Really I only blog about once every 12 months so… Continue Reading “Considering Christmas….don’t hate me”


We humans seem to have a need to categorize other humans. We define each other by our colour, religion, gender, sexuality, and more options than may be necessary. It’s sad really because all humans are essentially identical as a species and at the same time made up of so many factors… Continue Reading “Seeds”

Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake

  As you can see we are under a blanket of snow at Hedgehog Hill. We had a green Christmas and New Years then a week of streamers off the lake that swirled around the house and yard. This means long dark nights and… Continue Reading “Hedgehog Hill Coffee Cake”

test post from free wifi

One of the reasons this site has been silent is because the wifi at Hedgehog Hill is so slow, posting is painful. I am testing the wifi at the local library today and this seems like a good solution. More to come…

More snow, and more snow.

“Meanwhile,’ said Mr Tumnus, ‘it is winter in Narnia, and has been for ever so long, and we shall both catch cold if we stand here talking in the snow.  Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare Oom where eternal summer reigns… Continue Reading “More snow, and more snow.”

The Magnolia

After waiting so long to see her bloom, she did not disappoint. And a week of beautiful weather helped her to keep her dress on .

Spring blooms

You may remember that last spring was a bit of disaster for blooms. My heart broke when my much-anticipated magnolia was frosted. Thankfully this year we did not get summer in March and had a traditionally cruel April with lots of hints at spring… Continue Reading “Spring blooms”