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Blogmas day 16 – the best Christmas gift for all ages

Hello my little sleigh bells. So it is the last week before Christmas. Is all your shopping done? Need a last minute gift? Well there is a one-stop idea for all ages and interests. The best part is that not only is it a… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 16 – the best Christmas gift for all ages”

Blogmas day 15 Christmas Q & A

Hello my little tinsel tree toppers Today I am going to do 10 Christmas Questions 1 What is your favourite Christmas food?   A – It is very hard to choose, because I love the whole turkey dinner but I really love the potato… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 15 Christmas Q & A”

Blogmas day 14 It’s my Birthday!

Hello my little candy sprinkles. Since today is my birthday I thought I would use some of my favourite pictures. No they won’t feature me. In fact the one and only picture of me that I have EVER liked was taken by my mom… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 14 It’s my Birthday!”

Blogmas day 13 – Old Christmas

Hello my little festive baubles Today I am going to chat about my favourite Christmas story. While I love the traditional “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens; it is The one above that I return to every year. In fact these stories precede the… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 13 – Old Christmas”

Blogmas day 12 – Birthday Brunch

Hello my little snowflakes Today Mr Murfin took me to a local Inn for the brunch extravaganza. The Benmiller Inn is only 5 minutes from Hedgehog Hill and is the sort of quaint cozy place you might expect to find in Stars Hollow.  The… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 12 – Birthday Brunch”

Blogmas day 11 – Chillin’ with the Christmas movies

Hello my little popcorn elves. The weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. I’ve got a basket of crochet and a cup of tea. Let’s put on a Christmas movie. This is a small selection of the many Christmas movies we… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 11 – Chillin’ with the Christmas movies”

Blogmas day 10 – Quick Washi tape crafts

Hello my little Christmas Crafters. I may have a tiny washi tape addiction. Like felt it is an easy product to work with, and can give you great results with a minimum or tools or artistic talent.  And if you shop around for sales,… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 10 – Quick Washi tape crafts”

Blogmas Day 9 – Not the Great British Baking Show

Hello my little Sugar Cookies So tonight I decided to pull out the box of cookie cutters and add the new “ugly sweater” one I bought this year. It has been a few years since I made rolled out cookies, and now I remember… Continue Reading “Blogmas Day 9 – Not the Great British Baking Show”

Blogmas day 7 – Hygge Hy-what?

As this blog goes live we are just two weeks away from the shortest day of the year. As I drove home this evening at 6:30 PM it was raining, just on the edge of snow. The road was wet and black and hard… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 7 – Hygge Hy-what?”

Blogmas day 5! Felt Crafts

Hello my little festive crafters. Today’s post is going to be photo heavy, Lots to look at. I love using felt for crafting. It is such a versatile medium, has great colours, requires only basic skills, is inexpensive, and makes you look like a… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 5! Felt Crafts”