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Quaintly & Co Quintessentials box

Well HELLO Petal! Lovely to see you again. Where have I been? Well hibernating for one, it was winter for a long time. Even though we did not get the mountains of snow we get some years, it still slows you down and cuts… Continue Reading “Quaintly & Co Quintessentials box”

Hello again

Well it has been much longer than I had anticipated to get back to the keyboard and write a blog. Winter around here does tend to get a bit dismal. After all of the colour and excitement of Christmas and blogmas I went into… Continue Reading “Hello again”

January 1st 2017

Blogmas Christmas Day

Merry Christmas This is the end of blogmas. I am so glad I did it even though some days were a bit thin on content, it proved to me that I can blog more often than I have been. So I’m going to post… Continue Reading “Blogmas Christmas Day”

Blogmass day 24 the wrap up

Blogmas day 23 The Christmas Elves are busy

Hello my little sugar cookies. It is all on here at Hedgehog Hill. There is baking and cleaning and wrapping going on in every room. Right after Christmas last year I picked up a really cute cake pan. I have never attempted a traditional… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 23 The Christmas Elves are busy”

Blogmas day 20 – Gingerbread house contest

Hello sugarplums I was doing a bit of last minute shopping today at the mall and came across the finalists in a ginger bread competition. This was not individual people entering but businesses and office groups creating local landmarks in gingerbread (and other edibles)… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 20 – Gingerbread house contest”

Blogmas day 19 – Christmas TV

Hello my little Gingerbread. Do you have specific Christmas TV memories from when you were young? Of course that is going to differ depending on your age, though most people would mention watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or The Grinch. But since I am… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 19 – Christmas TV”

Blogmas day 18 – Christmas meat pies

Hello my little pie crusts So as I was making the annual Christmas meat pies today I realized that they are not really all that photogenic. Nor is there an exact recipe. My Dad was a chef. A few years before he passed away… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 18 – Christmas meat pies”

Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food

Hello my little satsumas I was pondering what to write about today. I thought I should stay current with how my own preparations for Christmas are going. Today I did a huge grocery shop. It was so big partly because we have been stormed… Continue Reading “Blogmas day 17 – Christmas food”