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testing cake, well someone had to do it…

I have mentioned my addiction to Pinterest before… I don’t usually look at the food pins, not that I don’t love food and cooking, but looking at those pictures makes me hungry for stuff I either don’t have or shouldn’t eat. Mr Murfin will tell you… Continue Reading “testing cake, well someone had to do it…”


It is pretty dull these days around Hedgehog Hill. A winter with no snow is kind of grey and muddy. But I do have some lovely shots from last fall. We bought the place in October. Most of the flowering plants were finished, but… Continue Reading “colour”


Not everyone gets as excited about a bargain as I do. Well maybe you do. But not everyone gets as excited about thrift stores as I do. I think it’s the thrill of the hunt, the unknown quantity, finding the treasure that was apparently someone’s trash.… Continue Reading “Thrifting”

It’s a whole new world!

Welcome! My plans for a blog started last year. I was very excited and took lots of photos. Then life happened, and things had to be put away. But now spring is in the air and we are moving to a new house in… Continue Reading “It’s a whole new world!”