Blogmas day 14 It’s my Birthday!


Hello my little candy sprinkles.

Since today is my birthday I thought I would use some of my favourite pictures. No they won’t feature me. In fact the one and only picture of me that I have EVER liked was taken by my mom on about my 17th birthday….and that was a damn long time ago. Aside from that – not so photogenic.

mag5My beloved Magnolia tree. And spring. It is a funny thing having a birthday in December. Of all the months this is the one that is most tied up as a whole month dedicated to a single event. I expect I would feel differently about that if I was brought up in a non Christian country where Christmas is not such a big deal. Or maybe it would feel different if I lived in Australia. But for me my birthday is a dark day – I mean that literally as we are just a few days from the shortest day of the year. Is is weird to say my birthDAY feels shorter and smaller because of that?

As a kid the weather was always cold, no picnics or outside games, as an adult I have had to cancel some birthday treats because the weather prevented travel. OK I sound like I am whining about that but a December birthday never feels like a real birthday.

cherry 2If I have one real beef about the day it is that I so often receive birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper. If you know a young person with a December birthday please make the effort to wrap in non Christmas paper.  It is a small thing that makes a huge difference. I used to say I did not like receiving Christmas themed gifts, but I am more OK with that now as I am more practical as I get older. And I do like Christmas stuff. Oh what a rant this has become.

beach2But really after a certain age birthdays are just a reminder that you are getting older…

I truly am grateful to be celebrating another birthday, because the alternative…

And for the most part I don’t mind getting older for one thing I really don’t give a crap what people think of me. For instance I never would have been so public as this blog is when I was in my 20s, I was far too self conscious. I worried about everything I did, or wrote, or wore. It probably kept me from doing some fun things. So now I say what I want, and do what I want, and wear what I want. And that is something to celebrate.


6 Comments on “Blogmas day 14 It’s my Birthday!

  1. My BD is on Dec. 28th. When I was a kid, how I disliked friends and family saying “now, remember, this is for your birthday AND Christmas.” That never happened to my sister who had a Sept. birthday. And to this day, my family knows I will not open a BD present wrapped in Christmas paper or bags. It is the little things. Happy Birthday!!!!! 🎂

    • Hi Chris, I am with you all the way. I don’t know which is worse just before Christmas or just after…either way sucks. A early Happy Birthday too you with ballons and lemonade and hot dogs and chips.

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