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Spring blooms

You may remember that last spring was a bit of disaster for blooms. My heart broke when my much-anticipated magnolia was frosted. Thankfully this year we did not get summer in March and had a traditionally cruel April with lots of hints at spring… Continue Reading “Spring blooms”

The cat post

It had to happen sooner or later. If you own a cat, and you write a blog, sooner or later you will write about the wonders of your beloved and spoiled kitty. Crookshanks speaks english. At least she comprehends what we are saying and responds… Continue Reading “The cat post”

Happy Blog-iversary to me!

Last night WordPress sent me a message telling me my blog is one year old! Was it a coincidence that yesterday I bought a new craft book called Super Cute Felt by Laura Howard ? I think not! And a project that caught my eye… Continue Reading “Happy Blog-iversary to me!”

Pardon the dust…

Hi There! I know it has been a while, things have been busy at Hedgehog Hill. New Years day is a snowy one so we took a lovely walk. I really don’t think New Years Day is any more special than any other day,… Continue Reading “Pardon the dust…”

Fall, autumn, time passes…

Don’t you just love that GLOW? The air is crisp, the ground is crunchy. We had a very dry summer and it has changed the landscape this fall. For most of the summer the pond was, well, more of a puddle. Here is what it… Continue Reading “Fall, autumn, time passes…”

The first of the peonies and buzzing trees!

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. Something about the oversize, the excess of petals, the total commitment to colour. I feel the same way about dahlias. In my grand garden plan there will be dahlias… For now I do have a lovely clematis. A… Continue Reading “The first of the peonies and buzzing trees!”

Year round beauty

Remember last winter when I was obsessed with taking pictures of the bright red berries? Partly because they were the only colour in the yard, and they were beautiful, and red is my favourite colour…. Turns out they have a very pretty flower in May.… Continue Reading “Year round beauty”

A Woman in Love…

gets distracted by little things, The only lilacs I was able to cut this year. I think some buds were frosted like the magnolia. The irises are stunning. And so many different colours, from the common two toned purple, to a deep solid purple, and… Continue Reading “A Woman in Love…”

All the Bloomin’ Things

Spring played a nasty trick on us in March and dropped a few July type days on us then retreated behind the skirts of Mother Nature and froze my magnolia. I have forgiven spring because she is back and the blooms are everywhere. Today… Continue Reading “All the Bloomin’ Things”

Thrifty Thursday!

Well Hello! I am back again. And the best news has to do with this tall devil. The Great Tower. It allows us to receive signal from an internet tower miles away. We could not get signal from the house because there are so… Continue Reading “Thrifty Thursday!”