Fall, autumn, time passes…

Don’t you just love that GLOW?

The air is crisp, the ground is crunchy. We had a very dry summer and it has changed the landscape this fall. For most of the summer the pond was, well, more of a puddle. Here is what it looked like last week, very little water, lots of leaves.

But happily today, after several days of rain, we have a real pond again!

Another outcome of the strange weather over the last year is the total lack of apples.

This was taken about a year ago(October 2011). More apples that I could keep up with.

and the same view September 25th 2012

Not an apple to be seen. How strange it looked!

I am looking forward to next year. A new chance at this garden. We have been here for a year now, I know what comes up where, and what I want/need to change. I have many, many plans.

So soon we will put away the chairs.

Start bringing this in load by load…..

and settle down for a long winters nap. To dream of gardens and browse seed catalogues, and craft away the evenings.

Did somebody mention Christmas! Only 68 days!

One Comment on “Fall, autumn, time passes…

  1. How gorgeous. I always enjoy your photographs. A couple of years ago my grapefruit tree bore very little fruit. I don’t know why. I didn’t care because I can’t eat them but sheesh! a lot of the neighbors were upset. : )

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