All the Bloomin’ Things

Spring played a nasty trick on us in March and dropped a few July type days on us then retreated behind the skirts of Mother Nature and froze my magnolia. I have forgiven spring because she is back and the blooms are everywhere.

Today was a gorgeous day. I spent most of it in my car driving around this part of south-western Ontario gazing at fields of freshly plowed earth. Some are soft chocolate-brown, some are deep ebony, all make we want to stop the car and sink my hands in the dirt right up to my elbows. Time to get into some serious gardening. But since my garden is not tilled yet, I had to be happy with planting theses.

I just love those faces.

Much more around Hedgehog Hill.

How can life be anything but wonderful when you are surrounded by beauty like this?

2 Comments on “All the Bloomin’ Things

  1. I saw several magnolias that had met a similar fate here in England, which is such a shame because they are so beautiful when in bloom. Gorgeous photographs.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

    • Hi Tracey, I am a little behind at the blog here. Thanks for stopping by. I just heard that Ontario lost a large portion of the apple crop recently as well. What a strange spring! Now we are in full cherry blossom and crab apple blossoms and the magnolia seems to be that is good.

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