Catching up

I was really, really hoping for some sun this weekend. All of this cloudy snowy weather makes for dull pictures. I think there was sun for about 5 minutes on Sunday. I was not outside then…

I am desperate to get some crafty things done. I was able to get a few more rows on the ripple, but that is about it.

I think I will put the butter yellow in next. This is going to be a wildly colourful blanket not matter what so I might as well throw them all in! After that it is bright orange then back to the red….Yep it is going to be a shocker of a blanket. It is already warm as I work on it and very soft. It’s working out to be about 74 inches wide. Lots of room for two to snuggle under.

While shopping I saw the new Husqvarna Limited Edition Tribute sewing machine. They even made it in red….oh dear I have a serious crush on that machine. Excuse me while I go break into my piggy bank…

4 Comments on “Catching up

  1. We have snow here too … very pretty in the sunshine. I am just grateful for any weather that doesn’t spawn tornadoes.

    • Yes I will take snow over tornadoes anyday. I just drove through flurries of snow with the sun streaming in my car. Welcome to spring, the season that can’t make up it’s mind.

  2. Love the colorful blankie. That must bring you a lot of cheer to work on as you look out the window at the banks of snow. Gorgeous photos.

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