Spring is a time of renewal, so my plan is to renew this blog simply because I enjoy recording what I do.

I started the blog, many years ago, to record our progress as we moved to this country property, but too often I did not want to share things because it was too messy or not finished. Lesson learned, it will never be finished, and the whole world is a shit show mess right now so my dirty little corners don’t matter.

I enjoy posting on Instagram and often would like to say more to the pictures I post so this is going to be my weekly (that’s the plan, don’t hold me to it) round up of what I have been doing.

Moss Garden

I picked up this stone/cement tray at Goodwill over the winter. the little birds are detachable and I knew immediately that I wanted to try to grow moss in it this spring. The property is covered in all sorts of mosses and I am fascinated with them. Much of this moss came from inside the eavestrough that collapsed off the back of the house over the winter. I am leaving it on the porch for now, and the nice thing is if the moss dies, I have lots more!


It is still much too early to do a lot of things in the garden but I walk around and dream about future projects. We have a lot of jobs that are unavoidable including clearing up trees that fell in winter, destroying part of my raspberry patch.

not good

But this is an opportunity to re look at the design of this area. The raspberries did not thrive here and I need to find a new solution for them anyway. So I’m working on a plan to use parts of the structure we put in for raspberries to create a larger space garden for things that need elbow room, squash, potatoes, pumpkins, etc. And use the uprights that are not damaged to support climbing beans, possibly cucumbers.

garden sink

I finally got my hubby to help complete this project. He hates gonzo gardening stuff as he prefers to do things correctly and with nice finishes. Me, I love free shit. The base was an old work bench, the top I pulled out of the scrap pile and the sink I scrounged from my brother. I convinced him to just cut the hole and put in a few screws. We can figure out a hose/tap situation later in the year. But how handy is this going to be for giving vegetables a quick wash? Or rinsing off tools? Or washing old pots?

I predict by the middle of summer I’ll have stuff growing all around this thing and it will be the handiest part of the garden.


Chippy woke up this week and has been making himself known. He likes to hide out in the rubble of the old fountain and yell at us as we walk by. Not much is cuter than a chipmunk. He is not really afraid of us and I expect I could get him to eat out of my hand.


Ok one food shot. This was a delicious salad. I have given up on buying bottled salad dressings. I never finish them before they are out of date. So now I mix up my own with Mayo, vinegar, sugar, celery salt and dried chives. It works for me. I can’t wait until the real chives are long enough to use. I can see them poking through, it won’t be long. I can taste the egg salad, potato salad….

Ok that’s it for this week, I’m not letting myself think about it too much no fussing, just hit publish.

One Comment on “Spring

  1. The use of the word ‘shit’ in this post really made it worthwhile 🤣👌🏼 Loved the rawness and the truth 🙌🏼 And the fact you have no idea where the water will come from for your sink 😂. But honestly, that whole sink table will probably end up being the most useful thing ever. Any you’ll probably find hubby using it when you’re not looking too! We don’t have chipmunks here in the uk but we do have squirrels.

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