Red Currant Jelly

You may wonder what happened to those red currants?

I did manage to save some from the birds. It was a lot of work to pick even a few.

It took quite a bit of stretching and bending to find this many on the underside of the bush where birds could not find them. Then the sorting , stemming and washing. Some recipes said you could leave the stems, but I didn’t.

Really only about 2 cups of currants which made …..

exactly one jar of jelly! This is being saved for a special occasion!

Thanks to our weird spring weather I didn’t have any raspberries or blackberries, I hope they do better next year! But I did purchase some local raspberries and made some lovely jam from those.

Mmmmmm This is eaten for breakfast most days.

I have not made peach jam in many years but tried it again. Now I remember why I gave up making it. It won’t set for me. The flavour is good so I am going to use the slightly runny peach “sauce” in tarts and muffins. But the fresh peaches, they were yummy!

4 Comments on “Red Currant Jelly

  1. Your raspberry jam looks great, makes me want to make some too.
    But all that work to get 1 jar of currant jelly??I think that’s funny.

  2. Yum. My gran used to make her own jam and I always loved visiting her. Not just for the jam. : ) I also remember her peach tree and her fabulous peach pies. Yikes! Now I’m getting hungry.

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