Teacup Tuesday

teacup 1

Isn’t that a lovely thought? A cup of tea and a stack of magazines… what could better on a sunny Winter afternoon?

This little beauty is a thrift shop find. Only cost me a couple of dollars. I was drawn to the sweet picture of people skating on the mill-pond.


I don’t think it is particularly old. It may be a reproduction of a popular older pattern. Wm Adams & Sons did a lot of transferware. I am in love with transferware.  Such a nice clean interior. The edge is a very odd green-grey. Not a colour you see a lot.


Let’s look at the couple skating up close.


Perfect for an afternoon cuppa’

desk shot

The cat post

It had to happen sooner or later.

If you own a cat, and you write a blog, sooner or later you will write about the wonders of your beloved and spoiled kitty.

Crookshanks speaks english. At least she comprehends what we are saying and responds appropriately. She is also polite. As you let her out she offers a brief “mew” in thanks and the same when you let her in. She doesn’t mew very often otherwise, just “Hi and thanks for opening the door, it’s bloody cold out there” all in one short “mew”.

I also know cats speak sign language. If you open the door and it is very cold or there is snow they will shake their front paw just once. Work with me here, she is a genius of a cat.

She also likes to go for walks. If we head out in the back yard for a stroll around the property she will tag along like a dog. Galloping ahead, and following when you go somewhere new. Today I headed out to grab some shots while there was brief sun, and sure enough she came along.


She scratches each tree like a dog might lift a leg.

When I am lining up a shot to get some snow on a rock….

march 9

then out of nowhere….PHOTOBOMB

march 10

I am belly down in the snow to get a level shot of the stream and …


There she is again. She was in a posing mood today.

march 12

So we did an arty shot to please her. She wants to call it “Cat Among Trees”

I did get a couple of nice shots with out her.


But really today was all about the princess.



High Tea

It was Miss Murfin’s birthday last week and she and I decided to visit a tea room and indulge in a special high tea. She had never tried clotted cream before…Imagine!

We went to a place called The Silver Spoon in Kitchener Ontario. It was wonderful and we happily recommend it if you are in the area.

Since it was a mini snow storm that day we had the place to ourselves. The staff was warm and friendly, we felt very comfortable and just relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience. (for 2 hours!)

high tea

The table was laid with lovely china and the full high tea is three courses. With each course we had a new and delicious tea and more tasty nibbles.

They display their china all around the room. I love that there are all these different cups and saucers and tea pots.

high tea 2

Each course came on a two tiered server. This first course was earl grey tea with scones and small muffins and fruit.

high tea 3

The second course was tiny crustless sandwiches and quiches with a blooming green tea in a clear pot. My picture of that did not turn out so we skip ahead to the final course of Chai tea and sweets.

high tea 4

Whew! we were stuffed! You think you are just eating tiny little bites so you won’t get full, but it all adds up to a substantial amount of food. Since it was all YUMMY we had to take the chocolates home. Such a nice way to celebrate my special girl’s birthday.

high tea4

It’s Here! It’s Here!



I am trying to think spring. I bought some hyacinths at the Kitchener market last week. they were lovely for a few days but as the table is right next to the wood stove, they bloomed fast and are done in a little over a week. But for a few days it smelled like spring!

Just after Christmas the lovely Lisa at Bobo Bun blog (you can click on her name to take you to her blog) started a 4 Happy Things swap. Bloggers sent her their info and she matched us up together with another blogger and we went off to think of 4 happy things to swap.

I was matched with Cass at Upcycling, Vintage and Other life… ( < that is anotther link to another great blog!) She and I exchanged a few email and happily discovered that we had lots in common even across the pond. Though I admit that I am a bit jealous that since she lives in the very south of England she is already working in her allotment garden, where as I have this outside.

wee barn cropped

It will be quite a while before I am tilling a row in the garden.

I had lots of fun gathering up things that made me happy and that I hoped would tickle Cass. I wish I had thought ahead and taken a picture of the parcel as I sent it because it was quite colourful!

Last Friday Mr Murfin arrived home from work, stopping at the mail box as he drove in and had a parcel for me!!!
It was very exciting and all dinner preparations ceased for the grand opening.


OOOO red polka dots! and a pretty card with a pattern inside.


Lovely jewelry that Cass made herself. I am all thumbs for stuff like that. I put it on immediately and LOVE it. So delicate and sweet and it will go with lots of things I wear. Those are little confetti that she added too.

frog and chocolate

A froggy named Florence who just needs a bit of beans and a couple of eyes sewn on. Cass even included the buttons for the eyes! I remember making these froggies myself when I was younger. They are a great fun sewing project. I must dig mine out and introduce Florence I hope they understand her accent! I love the vintage print she used. Plus a curly wurly bar, it is a chocolate covered carmel candy bar. (and it was tasty!)

pillow case

This is a gingham pillow sham with embroidered cross stitch hearts. I already have a pillow in it and it is in my chair in the living room. the scrap is some heavier material and I immediately saw it as a little pouch bag. Something to work on!


Two lovely vintage linen pieces. So pretty! I am spoiled!


Here it all it together, except the jewelry as I already had it on… I forgot to mention the knitted hedgehog pattern. Since both Cass and I love the little hedgies. So much stuff and it was all happy-making!

This was fun to do. I have made a new friend and found a new blog to follow. A big thanks to Lisa for putting it all together and hugs to Cass for the lovely swap. I hope Canada post hurries up and gets your parcel over that ocean.

Too Cute

hedgie 1

I took advantage of the quiet afternoon snowed in and cozy by the fire and made a hedgie from my new book Super-Cute Felt by Laura Howard. I have to say that the instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I picked up some good tips for working with felt.

hedgie 2

He worked up very quickly. In the end I made him just like in the book. I will be making more in future for other ideas still want to try hin on a tea cozy, and he would be cute on a piece of clothing, or a tote bag…. I was getting pretty excited when I had to put him aside to make dinner. But I got back to him after dinner and making some pineapple squares.

hedgie 3

Ta Da! He is so adorable. I also looked up Laura on Chapters and Amazon and found her blog at Bugandfishes.blogspot.ca  there are lots of great ideas and tutorials there as well.

I also sent her a message on her face book page and she was nice enough to message me back. Hi Laura! I love that it is such a small world.

I found more felt this morning at the dollar store…some new colours. I am off to stitch a broach!

Happy Blog-iversary to me!

Last night WordPress sent me a message telling me my blog is one year old!

Fairies in the snow

Was it a coincidence that yesterday I bought a new craft book called Super Cute Felt by Laura Howard ? I think not!

super cute felt book

And a project that caught my eye was this one?


It is made into a phone case, but I was thinking last night about what else I might be able to put him on…a tea cozy perhaps? It will be my present to me. 🙂

Lots of great projects in this book. I have been really enjoying working with little felt projects lately. Before Christmas Miss Murfin and I made some fun ornaments.felt ornaments(I must figure out how to save all of my pictures to that size. Somewhere I am missing a step. WordPress changed the picture uploader, change is hard…) 

They are nice to do on a bright snowy day like today. All the white outside makes it brighter in here. I can only see to the edge of the back yard, the farmer’s field are just a white blur. The snow is sticking to the windows. Somewhere out there is the wee barn. I must get out there to fill the bird feeders. It is quiet right now but there may be more snow later. The cardinals really stand out against the snow but they fly off before I can get a good picture. Good day for some stitching.

wee barn cropped

Just when you think it is all about crochet


So after months of nothing but crochet I am knitting again. I had started a knitted cardigan with this lovely blue merino over a year ago. When we started the move to Hedgehog Hill I knew it was too complicated a pattern to deal with and I put it in a box and forgot about it. Until last week when I found it again and remembered how lovely it is. I decided I did not like the pattern I had started, it was too complicated, so I have started a whole new one.

knit cafe

I have had this book “Greetings from Knit Cafe” by Suzan Mischer for a while. It has a nice variety of patterns, something for everyone, and lovely pictures. I remember when I bought it being very interested in this pattern.

knit 2

I loved the soft casual look to it and I knew this would be a sweater I would wear all the time. I think I will leave off the hood, don’t think I have enough wool anyway, and I may add some embroidered embellishments along the front edge. Or maybe a crocheted edging? It is rolling a lot so I will have to see what it looks like finished and blocked. I am thinking a run of lovely white daisies with yellow centres along the front might look nice…

As I write this there are big, big fluffy flakes floating through the air. This winter has been the year of the fluffy flake. I have to admit that when I am warm and cozy and have something soft on the needles I don’t mind the snow. No where to go, dinner planned, laundry done, maybe just a few more rows…

happy thoughts on my mind are – what else to add to my 4 happy things swap. The lovely Bobo Bun started this swap at the first of the year and I have been paired with Cass at Upcycling, Vintage and Other Life…  Cass and I have been getting to know each other through our blogs and emails. She is in the south of England and we have found many things in common. I am really enjoying putting my package of 4 happy things (it is hard to stay with 4….it may be a few more sneaked it…)for her and I can’t wait to see what comes my way. Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail! Yeah to Lisa at Bobo Bun for starting this swap and here’s to new friends!


Crochet Old and New

I am becoming a crochet fiend. Or obsessive, or something. I like that crochet is having a renaissance, and that the old patterns are being revived and appreciated. I have finished (almost) my Lucy bag. This is from Lucy at Attic 24. I have not figured out how to do links, but if you search Attic 24 you will be in crochet heaven.


The bag is crocheted in expanding circles until you have the bottom the size you like and then you stop increasing to build up the sides. Lucy makes hers with different colours every row which I love and will eventually make, but here I was using up scraps I have. I am also going to try one made with a cotton yarn in a variegated colourway and see what patterns emerge in the round.

Here it is flat with the corners tucked in. It is lovely and roomy, great for your latest take-along project.

crochet bag flat

I added a scalloped edge detail and a small flower. I should really make 3 more flowers….

crochet bag close

And then to the old. I was visiting Grandma Murfin today and she showed me a great collection of vintage crochet. Look at all the lovely dresses! Wouldn’t they be sweet strung on a ribbon and hung above a door or along a shelf ? Like a banner…


How sweet is this one?  Look at those colours!

crochet dress coloured

Also in the tin were a set of cream and sugar. I don’t think I have ever seen ones like this before.

crochet cream and sugar

They are even open at the top. What do you suppose they were meant to hold?

creamer and sugar

This is only the first few I have taken pictures of so far. Just what I need, another collection

Some Crochet Colour on a Grey Day

I simply cannot have only one project on the go at a time. I may want to watch something on TV that takes more or less of my attention, I may want to take a project in the car for those long drive, I may want something that takes all my concentration and distracts me from whatever aggravation the day developed. Variety is the answer, and lots of colour, and many, many tote bags and baskets.

CK afghan

I started this afghan months ago based on a picture on Pinterest and inspired by Cath Kidson colours.

CK square

I still love the colours, but I have realized that I get boredwith projects that are small motifs. Very stalled on my African flower blanket…. it has not progressed from here.

AF afghan 2

And now I have another motif started and stalled. So my new plan for the red afghan is to join the squares I do have made into a couple of rows and then start adding rows of double crochet, and clusters on either side and make it a granny stripe with a row granny square blocks at each end.

This is a group done so far,

CK afghan 2

Meanwhile, outside today is a lovely snowy day. Very grey skies still as we get another 5 or 6 cm of snow. It is mild and the snow is wet, but there is enough to test out my new snow shoes!



They are great! And I soon remembered what a workout it can be. But new snowshoes are light and easy to wear compared to what I remember as a kid or rentals I have used.

Aluminium frames and ratcheting straps.


Off I go!

trailin bush

Pardon the dust…


Hi There!

I know it has been a while, things have been busy at Hedgehog Hill.

New Years day is a snowy one so we took a lovely walk. I really don’t think New Years Day is any more special than any other day, it does have the advantage of being a holiday so we do not have to work.

For many it is the time of year for reflection and planning. As I walked, I was reflecting about how much I had enjoyed blogging, and I was planning how to begin again.

We also did a lot of talking about back yard improvements, new bridge over the pond, walkways, lights, and new gardens. We trooped layouts in the snow, all as the big flakes gently wafted down. Yes, a good day for reflection. Shall we go for a walk?




Still a few ornaments left on the outside tree. I loved having a lit tree in the back yard this year!


Time to head back.

trail back

Back inside I’ll show you a few things that are keeping me busy. There was a brand new sewing machine under the tree for Mrs Murfin! A Husqvarna Viking Tribute 140C. I love it! Can’t wait to get at a bunch of projects that I have been avoiding as my old machine was being naughty. Remember these?

vintage quilt

Now they look like this.


And a piece of bark cloth I have been hoarding became 2 pillows for the couch.


The rest of New Years day will be spent close to the fire, making plans, so many plans.


Until next time, soon I hope.