Too Cute

hedgie 1

I took advantage of the quiet afternoon snowed in and cozy by the fire and made a hedgie from my new book Super-Cute Felt by Laura Howard. I have to say that the instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I picked up some good tips for working with felt.

hedgie 2

He worked up very quickly. In the end I made him just like in the book. I will be making more in future for other ideas still want to try hin on a tea cozy, and he would be cute on a piece of clothing, or a tote bag…. I was getting pretty excited when I had to put him aside to make dinner. But I got back to him after dinner and making some pineapple squares.

hedgie 3

Ta Da! He is so adorable. I also looked up Laura on Chapters and Amazon and found her blog at  there are lots of great ideas and tutorials there as well.

I also sent her a message on her face book page and she was nice enough to message me back. Hi Laura! I love that it is such a small world.

I found more felt this morning at the dollar store…some new colours. I am off to stitch a broach!

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