Spring time walk

All the snow is gone. Yesterday the temperature rose to 14 c ! It was lovely and Mr Murfin and I explored the little woods beside Hedgehog Hill to see if we could find the old bridge that washed away. If you look quickly you can see it from the road, but it is down deep in the boggy land. First we walked along the lovely path.

It would be hard to get here in the summer because the grass grows high and the branches are low.

Can you see it? Down to the left near the bottom, it is covered with dried grass. We could not get any closer as it is very boggy down there. We were told the bridge washed away when the water got really high. It has lodged itself in the bog, I think it is staying there. Maybe a troll lives under it now. It looks like troll country.

They live among the cat-tails.

Back at  the old dam at the end of the pond. We have a lot of work to do. We hope to re-build it and make it functional. Still it was nice to watch and listen to the water flowing over.

Crocus update! They are all in bloom.

4 Comments on “Spring time walk

  1. What a lovely meander I just had. (And all while sipping my morning coffee.) Thank you. Your photographs are always a pleasure to see.

    • I think one of the things I will enjoy about the new place is the ability to go for a little wander and see so much. I also may wander early morning in my PJs….and rubber boots. Green acres is the life for me!

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