Moss garden 2

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  1. The use of the word ‘shit’ in this post really made it worthwhile 🤣👌🏼 Loved the rawness and the truth 🙌🏼 And the fact you have no idea where the water will come from for your sink 😂. But honestly, that whole sink table will probably end up being the most useful thing ever. Any you’ll probably find hubby using it when you’re not looking too! We don’t have chipmunks here in the uk but we do have squirrels.

    • I always forget that we use shit much more frequently than you do in the UK… Years ago my Yorkshire cousins were here and found my shit dappled language amusing. I’m feeling a bit rusty on the blogging but hope to loosen up a bit more. Its good to have a place again. Next week will likely be the craft room clean up!

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