It is of course still too early to do much gardening…well at least too early for planting. But I always yearn to do something green at this time of year, in anticipation.

I’ve got a few pots of mesclun growing. I’ll try to get them to the eating stage by potting them up and transferring to the little portable greenhouse. There are a few herb seeds attempting to germinate. We did a full inventory of the seeds we have leftover from last year and the seeds we saved from our own plants. I made a small order from the seed company.

There are things to be trimmed out in the actual garden, leaves to be raked, compost to be turned. I honestly think I get as much pleasure from the planning of my garden as I do from the planting or harvesting.

I have big plans to do more container gardening, we have lots of room here, but much of it is sloped which causes problems. But I had some success with potatoes in bags last year and that salad mix above is destined for a pot on the front porch if I can keep it alive for long enough.

I over-winter a big pot of chives in my wee barn and I’m looking forward to going down and climbing over the garden tools to get to the window where it sits. I am always so happy to see those little green shoots.

I’m impatient to get out there, but many things take extra patience these days, the seasons change at their own pace, but they do change. This time of isolation will change as well and hopefully we will come out on the other side with a greater understanding of ourselves and our society.

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