sheep wool mat

As I sit here today it is a gorgeous sunny day and the world feels like it is spinning on a totally new axis. We must learn, all of us, all at once, how to function in a world were we choose to take responsibility for our behavior so that we make room for others to survive. I feel overly dramatic for writing that but it is true. By stepping back from being out there in the world we may slow this bloody virus and allow the health care system to care for the ill, and for themselves as well.

This is going to be a long haul and now that most of the world is stepping up by stepping back we have so many opportunities to do something NEW. My plan is to fill my days with as much creativity as possible. I want to follow my creative heart and do all the projects I have been thinking about for ages.

I finished the little wool embroiderery table mat above, I’ve melted some beeswax and made a pretty shape to have in my sewing basket. If you pull thread through a bit of bees wax it will strengthen it and help it to sew with less tangling.

Two of my favourite knitting designers Arne and Carlos have started a knit-a-long on their social media and I have just the yarn to begin that tonight, and I’m working on the yoke of a colour work sweater.

I know I am in a very lucky position as I have a safe and comfortable house on a large plot of land so I can spread myself out and still get some quality outdoor time everyday. I am very worried for others who are not so lucky. Many people have been inspired by the Italian people singing from their balconies, who knew such a beautiful choir could come from the devastation that country has endured. Earlier today I heard someone say that we will come up with more innovative ideas to make this trying time more bearable. Some of us may just start blogging again…..

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