I have been missing again

Well Hello there!

I know I disappear for a while every now and then, so much going on, and still no internet at Hedgehog Hill…don’t even get me started! Hopefully we will have some good news about that soon.

My other good news is that I was featured at Brenda’s Cozy Little House blog www.cozylittlehouse.com  (Thanks Brenda!)

Wow I had a ton of people visit my blog because of Brenda and I did not have anything new up. I kind of felt like company arrived and I had crumbs on the counter. I hope that some of you who found your way here from Cozy Little House are still reading and keep coming back.

The other sad news is that my beautiful magnolia tree was frosted. We had several days of summer like weather so hundreds of buds formed, then a killing frost that turned all of the lovely buds brown. I am so sad! I have to wait a full year to see my beautiful tree in bloom….

But not to despair we have lots of other blooms.

I think Fairies live under that tree. The run around under the Myrtle.

We also have had a steady run of visitors on the pond.

I was amazed I got this close before he flew away. Most of the time the mallards arrive in pairs, but this day Mrs Mallard was off doing some shopping I guess, or nesting. One day a flock of wood ducks crashed the party and spent an hour or so splashing around.


They were a very rowdy bunch but very colourful. I was so glad I had my binoculars handy to see them up close.

I have so many plans for the next few weeks I hope I can capture it all in pictures and share with you here. I’ll be back soon! I promise.

9 Comments on “I have been missing again

  1. Sorry to hear the frost got your beautiful tree. Glad you have other blooms though. I am waiting for our cherry blossom to bloom, there are lot’s of buds so I hope it’ll be a fantastic show this year. It’s only a few years old so we haven’t seen many blooms yet. Glad to have found your blog. Blessings Niki x

    • Thanks Niki
      We have a vew cherries in bloom now. I am still learning what each of the trees will do this first year at Hedgehog Hill. I hope you come back to visit often. I need to start posting more!

  2. Don’t worry about the magnolia Nanc…that has happened to me a couple of time since we mover here. Next year!!

  3. The ducks have been doing a pre-wash in our pond before having a float in yours!
    I’ve been calling that ground cover, ‘ periwinkle’ for my entire adult life! Oops! lol So, you say it is Myrtle! I feel so silly!

  4. I’m hoping this goes through. Trying a second time. WordPress is not being nice. : 0 Anyway, I love your photography. I’m a nature freak and when I write i have to hold my descriptions back. Love. love, love these.

    • Hi Robena,
      Both comments came through. I agree commenting on blogs is often complicated. Many times I try to comment on a blog and just give up. I feel bad because I know how much I enjoy comments here.
      I am loving playing with the camera. Yeah for digital, I can snap away and then edit out the unfocused ones when I get to the computer. I never thought I liked taking pictures because I am bad at pictures of people, but nature is fun!

  5. I’m hoping this goes through. WordPress has been doing strange things lately. I love your photography and just soak up the nature shots. Love them.

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