First Post made directly from Hedgehog Hill

Ok so I don’t really have anything to say, except that we have temporary internet at HH.

I am amazed that in this day and age we don’t have cable access here. Our options are limited to a satellite dish or a hub which uses cellular network, They both have their downsides. But what we discovered this week is that all of our lovely tall trees block access for the satellite dish. Even though I can see the blinking tower off in the distance behind the house, we can’t pick up enough to keep a signal. It will only get worse when all of those trees are in full leaf.

Next up a hub that allows us to pick up a cellular signal same as my Iphone. Problems are it will be pay by the usage, and the price rise with the amount you use until it get silly expensive. At least they let us test one first.

I picked up the test unit yesterday and spent several hours trying to get it to work. Even talked to the tech support…no luck, I was grumpy.

Mr Murfin comes home and looks at it and says, “It’s not transmitting.”

How is it the tech guy did not figure this out? Mr Murfin called him and they checked a box somewhere and here we are…trying it out…

The awesome part is sitting in my kitchen looking out through the sun room and typing this. Now that the days are longer it was light when I got up at 6:30. We still have a layer of snow, but tomorrow should be the start of a warm trend. sigh. Soon it will be green again.

4 Comments on “First Post made directly from Hedgehog Hill

  1. Oh, good luck with this, I know the frustrations. I’m surrounded by a low mountain range and there is only one spot in the house where you can use a cell phone. I don’t mind as I have a land line, but when the kids come to visit it drives them batty.
    Love the beautiful photograph.

    • I am glad to know I am not alone in my frustrations. I have had the luxury of living in a town with DSL line for too long. I just need to suck it up, turn off the computer and go outside to enjoy the surroundings. No trees will be sacrificed for internet!

  2. Oh baby, do I feel your pain. The phone lines bring DSL internet service to everyone a little over a 1/2 mile on all sides of us………………….but not to us. We had to go with satellite, which at times is still frustrating, but we deal with it. The cell hub was a no go for us as we also don’t get cell signal on our phones unless it’s a cloudy day AND we find a hot spot in the house (it’s a roaming hot spot, never the same place twice) AND we stand on one foot with our eyes crossed AND Mercury is in retrograde. Yes, it’s exhausting. As for cable – bah! don’t make me laugh.

    Surely there is some place on your property – even out on the fringes – that they could get a clear sight for the satellite. We have ours on top of the house because of the trees, but our house is 2 story, so the height helps us there. Although we have had to trim a maple tree or 2 when receptions gets spotty. I can’t imagine how expensive the cell hub would end up being!

    I wish you luck with the airwaves! I remain very jealous of your views out your windows!! Have a great weekend friend!

    • We are considering a tower behind the wee barn, but that is a huge initial expense too. We get a 10 day free trial with the hub and I am making good use of it to see how much we consume.
      If this darn snow melts I’ll be posting lots of pictures tomorrow. The birds are going crazy in the feders right now, but I can never get close enugh for a picture.

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