Let’s start with a crafty post!

I love crafts. The older I get the more I appreciate my Mom for teaching me all of the basics.

I think I learned to crochet in high school, or maybe earlier. I remember a long red snake of crochet I draped around my bedroom…but somewhere along the line I lost interest. I thought it was too “cutsie”.

I moved to knitting some time in my late teens and did not get back into crochet until the last year or so. As with all things, what a difference the internet makes! There is so much out there to inspire you. Some is still cutsie (I have a much higher tolerance for cute at this stage of my life) but there are some truly beautiful and useful creations out there.

I find granny squares home-ie…home-ie and cutsie that’s me!

Need I add that I am a Pinterest addict? Thought I would get that confession out of the way. Pinterest has really added to my I-can-make-that list. Now I want to crochet flowers and bunting and bags and scarves…not to mention the other crafts. (more about those later)

But back to what I came to show you.

Last year I decided to crochet an afghan for my daughter. I wanted it to be colourful, and big and soft.

The stack grew quickly. It took a few tries to find the colour combination I wanted. I bought most of the yarn at the Spinrite tent sale in big bags. I added a few balls of contrast.

I thought I would never get the ends sewn in. I love the look of multi coloured grannies…except sewing in the tails.

Ta Da!

Very happy with the results. And Miss Murfin loved it too.

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