Month: January 2013

Crochet Old and New

I am becoming a crochet fiend. Or obsessive, or something. I like that crochet is having a renaissance, and that the old patterns are being revived and appreciated. I have finished (almost) my Lucy bag. This is from Lucy at Attic 24. I have… Continue Reading “Crochet Old and New”

Some Crochet Colour on a Grey Day

I simply cannot have only one project on the go at a time. I may want to watch something on TV that takes more or less of my attention, I may want to take a project in the car for those long drive, I… Continue Reading “Some Crochet Colour on a Grey Day”

Pardon the dust…

Hi There! I know it has been a while, things have been busy at Hedgehog Hill. New Years day is a snowy one so we took a lovely walk. I really don’t think New Years Day is any more special than any other day,… Continue Reading “Pardon the dust…”