Month: April 2012

All the Bloomin’ Things

Spring played a nasty trick on us in March and dropped a few July type days on us then retreated behind the skirts of Mother Nature and froze my magnolia. I have forgiven spring because she is back and the blooms are everywhere. Today… Continue Reading “All the Bloomin’ Things”

Thrifty Thursday!

Well Hello! I am back again. And the best news has to do with this tall devil. The Great Tower. It allows us to receive signal from an internet tower miles away. We could not get signal from the house because there are so… Continue Reading “Thrifty Thursday!”

I have been missing again

Well Hello there! I know I disappear for a while every now and then, so much going on, and still no internet at Hedgehog Hill…don’t even get me started! Hopefully we will have some good news about that soon. My other good news is… Continue Reading “I have been missing again”