Month: February 2012

Snowy weekend at Hedgehog Hill

The snow came down Friday night. It was sticky snow that clung to everything and frosted the branches. In contrast, I am learning how to make picture collages. I chose a selection of shots from our visit to The Mount – once upon a… Continue Reading “Snowy weekend at Hedgehog Hill”

Everything I am working on

So today I thought I would show every WIP – work in progress that is top of the pile. Or the stuff I jump back and forth between. I like having several projects on the go at once, some are for when I watch… Continue Reading “Everything I am working on”

Thrifty Thursday

Well this is an extra-ordinary Thrifty Thursday. I found a few nice goodies this week, some were more photogenic than others. Several are going to be works in progress. But the most amazing ‘find’ this week was running into a fellow blogger Diane from… Continue Reading “Thrifty Thursday”

testing the camera

So I am really new to this whole camera with fancy lenses and stuff. Mr Murfin owns the fancy camera and I have always shunned it in favour of my little in-the-pocket-point-and-shoot one which is much lighter and easy to carry on holidays. So far all… Continue Reading “testing the camera”

Sunday at Hedgehog Hill

A little bit of this and that at Hedgehog Hill today. I discovered that nylon ski jackets and wood stoves are natural enemies… hole in my sleeve. But I made a great everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-soup. Started with celery, carrot and green pepper. Decided to add those… Continue Reading “Sunday at Hedgehog Hill”

Saturday at Hedgehog Hill

Well there is much work going on at Hedgehog Hill theses days. We are very anxious to finally move in completely. We did stay over night on Friday, but there is no internet, no cable TV, and no shower. So really it is like VERY… Continue Reading “Saturday at Hedgehog Hill”

Thrifty Thursday

Oh dear, I am glad my thrifting went better than my picture-taking this week. Today was a cloudy, grey day not at all good for taking pictures of my treasures. Then when I finally rigged up a kind of light, my camera battery died. I did… Continue Reading “Thrifty Thursday”

Books and Libraries

You know how sometimes you glance across a room and the sun is slanting in a window in a way that makes the objects glow? Or possibly you just notice the dust accumulating on the floor.. I grabbed my camera not long ago because I… Continue Reading “Books and Libraries”

Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill

We had some blustery days this past weekend. A nice day to be inside with a cup of tea, a pastry, a few strawberries, and a loved one to cuddle with. I love my polka dots! The mugs remind me of some expensive ones I… Continue Reading “Happy Valentines Day from Hedgehog Hill”

testing cake, well someone had to do it…

I have mentioned my addiction to Pinterest before… I don’t usually look at the food pins, not that I don’t love food and cooking, but looking at those pictures makes me hungry for stuff I either don’t have or shouldn’t eat. Mr Murfin will tell you… Continue Reading “testing cake, well someone had to do it…”